Gold Loan

Gold Loan made simple!

Features of Gold Loan

Schemes Sasvitha Star Loan Sasvitha Star Plus Loan
Loan - 180days Loan - 360days
Tenure 6 months 12 months

Eligibility Criteria

➙ Persons of economically weaker and lower and middle income groups who are engaged in small business, micro and small enterprises, self employed , salaried, and alike and also who are our exisiting customers.

➙ Individuals owning gold ornaments who are KYC compliant and with verifiable ownership. Pawn brokers, jewelers &Jewellery shop owners, Jewel appraisers and their close relatives are not eligible for gold loans.

➙ Staff members of the company and their family membersare also eligible to avail gold loan subject to a maximum limit of Rs.25,000/-

➙ No advances will be made against

➙ a. Ornaments with names inscribed of parties other than the borrowers.

➙ b. Against ornaments/ articles which are 'Stridhan' unless the wife is made co-borrower.


Service Charge Rs.50/- per loan(subject to change depending upon market competitiveness)
Appraiser Fees Rs.5/- per Rs.1000/- of the loan amount subject to a maximum of Rs.500/- per account.

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